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The Best Popcorn & Most Amazing Candy Selection You Can Imagine

Shopping Candyland in person is a one-of-a-kind experience. Families make our Twin Cities stores true destination spots because of the wonderful aromas, sheer taste anticipation and sense of community that cross all generational boundaries. When you are looking for that perfect gift to say thank you or congratulations, we will help you find it. If you are planning a special occasion, our popcorn, candy and nut choices can put that event over the top!

Famous for Our Nostalgic, Flavored Popcorn Recipes

Everyone loves popcorn, and Candyland stores have been spreading that salty-sweet love since 1932. For many loyal customers, the show-stopper is our trademarked Chicago Mix®. One handful of this mixture—seasoned popcorn, sassy caramel and savory cheese popcorn all together—often creates a lifelong fan. We also offer:

  • Multiple varieties of bagged popcorn, including caramel corn, chocolate-drizzled popcorn and cheese corn
  • Popcorn balls in traditional and more exotic flavors
  • Decorative popcorn tins in many styles and for many occasions, sized from one-half gallon to 6.5 gallons



Caramel & Chocolate Lovers Find Their Heaven on Earth

Discover the finest caramels and chocolates, hand-dipped to perfection, from clusters to popular nut and caramel combinations, all using our own Candyland caramel recipe.

You can order a variety from our selection of bulk chocolates, selecting timeless classics like malted milk balls, chocolate-covered peanuts and dark chocolate espresso beans.

Make Your Candy Dreams Reality: The Many Ways to Bring Our Goodies Home

Whatever your tastes in candy or vision for an upcoming celebration, we can make them come true. We offer a great variety of roasted nuts, including mixed nut options and candied nuts. And when was the last time you had top-quality salt water taffy or the jawbreakers you remember from your youth? At Candyland, we stock over 200 types of candy, with emphasis on time-honored tradition and an eye for new items that transcend the trendy.

It’s easy to make your choices and bring what we’ve spent decades perfecting into your home. Come see us in downtown St. Paul, Minneapolis or Stillwater. Tell us about your special occasion and our family will have luscious ideas to share! We even have an antique Ford truck that we have converted into a popcorn wagon used for special parades.

If it’s not practical for you to soak in our flavors and aromas in person, we make it easy to order online. You can also call us at 651-292-1191 for the utmost in attentive, old-tyme personal service.