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Frequently Asked Questions

How did you come up with the name Chicago Mix®?

The Chicago Mix® is an homage to our favorite big city to visit in the midwest. Feeling that we could improve upon the popcorn mixes that we tasted on our visits there in 1988, we created our ever-popular three-way-mix calling it Chicago Mix® as a tribute.

How can you ''stand'' working here?

We are so busy all the time making popcorn and fine chocolates, and watching the smiling faces coming in the door that we have no time to sit down!

Can you bottle the smell?

The only way we can do that is for you to order some of our treats, enjoy the real old-fashioned goodness, and smell the aroma first hand!

How long does the popcorn stay fresh in the tins?

We guarantee the popcorn to stay fresh for 3-4 weeks depending on environmental conditions and wether or not you keep the lid sealed. The tins are an attractive gift that keeps the popcorn longer than plastic bags when the lid is kept sealed.

What products are gluten free?

All of our popcorn products are gluten free. The licorice, malted milk balls, cookie, and pretzel products contain gluten. We are in the process of updating the details for each product on our web site to include information about gluten. Some products are made on equipment that is shared by other gluten made products during processing.

Can I get a print catalog?

I'm sorry but we do not offer a print catalog at this time.

What is the minumum shipping charge?

Our mimimum charge is $10.00. Click here for more information on shipping.

Check out our Policies Page. for more information.

If you have questions, you can reach us by phone at 651-292-1191, or you can email us at: