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Candyland started in 1932 under the name "Flavocorn" on Wabasha St. in downtown St. Paul.

In 1938, Arnie Kelsy took over the business. By 1950, he added a full line of bulk candies and renamed the store ''Candyland''.

More than forty years after Arnie bought the store, he decided to retire. In 1981, he sold the business to Doug and Brenda Lamb. Doug felt at home in the store since he'd worked there after school and on weekends seven years prior to owning the business.

In 1988, Brenda and Doug formulated the Chicago Mix® blend of popcorns which has become a favorite, not just in the midwest, but throughout the United States thanks to word of mouth, nationwide shipping and their extensive internet presence on which they launched in 2003.

During the last 25 years, Doug and Brenda have also expanded Candyland into two stores in Minneapolis.

Time has passed since Candyland was started (then, Flavocorn). However, the recipes have remained the same. And Candyland still believes in excellent customer service and the "mom and pop" atmosphere. When you come to Candyland, you travel back in time with all of your senses, to a place where life was simple and sweet.

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