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Our Ingredients

Rich, pure, fresh--these are just some of the words to describe our ingredients:

Eating a fine candy is an experience that should be savored. Whether you're a chocolate sophisticate or have a hankerin' for a bit of old-fashioned salt water taffy, it all starts with ingredients of the highest quality.

That means we use only pure cane sugar, the richest chocolate, real creamery butter and the finest natural flavors to produce fine chocolates and popcorn that make you want to savor every nibble.

Peanut Oil Information:

We use peanut oil in our popcorn products, except the carmel corn, because it lends the silkiest texture and most delicate flavor. Peanut oil has no cholesterol and is an unsaturated fat ingredient.

The popcorn that we use for carmel corn is air-popped popcorn. Therefore, our famous carmel corn contains no peanut oil.

Like most all makers of fine confection, the equipment used for making our chocolates can occasionally come into contact with peanut and nut products.

Alas, we wish it were otherwise, but it would be unwise to indulge in our hand made fine chocolates if you want to be completely sure that you will not have any contact with peanut or nut oil and have an allergy to peanut products.

If you have questions, you can reach us by phone at 651-292-1191, or you can email us at:

Feel free to contact us for a custom order for your special occasion. Enjoy!