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Unbelievable, I received my order an hour ago, on my doorstep... like world class service... like whaaaatttt??!!!


Image of New Candyland 3.5 Gallon tin
I am writing to thank you for making the candy fun effortless and special.

Every detail of my Candyland order for the rehearsal dinner as well as the party the day after the wedding was perfect. I will attach the rehearsal photo under separate cover. The individualized candy boxes were printed correct and the candy inside was could you go wrong with Candyland turtles and malted milk balls??? I really appreciate how you individualized and marked clearly the box without nuts... you nailed every detail. The Bride and Groom were thrilled.

At our day after the wedding open house the popcorn bar was a really big hit. People loved the cheese and carmel corn as well as the option to mix the two. The color coordinated M&Ms made a big splash, too.

Everything was ready when we stopped in to pick up both orders. Your product is fantastic and is matched by your over the top excellent customer service. If anyone has a question at any time about either or, if they just want to take their party up several notches, I recommend you, your delicious products, and your excellent attention to service and the customer. There is a reason you have been in business since 1932!

Thank you, thank you, thank you.


I was 9 or 10-years-old the 1st time I went to Candyland. There was a movie theater in the same block. My brother and I would stop at Candyland to buy our candy before we went to the movie. That was 50 years ago. I started buying mixed candy for my Uncle about 5 years ago and of course started buying my favorites too. I'm glad the store is still here and thriving!


I just want to say how I love your popcorn! I just ordered a bag and it tasted fresh like it was just popped! I don't know how the popcorn can be so fresh after shipping more than 4 days. I will recommend your products to everyone I know! I also have been a huge fan of your company for many years! And when I come home to visit... I always have to go to your Minneapolis location and bring products back to my friends!


This January, 2013, I was at Candyland in St. Paul and was helped by an employee named Andrew, I wanted to convey the helpfullness and politeness of his services while I was placing a large order that took patience on his behalf. Thank you to Candyland for employing such helpful people and for the products that are made.


Image of Candyland Chicago Mix®
The Popcorn arrived today, what a treat! It is the best popcorn we have ever had... and I mean ever! Candyland's Chicago Mix® takes you back to a bye-gone era! Thanks Brenda, you have a lifelong customer now!


Okay, this is my favorite candy shop! I've been going to this little shop in St. Paul since I was a little girl and it hasn't changed. The smells when you walk in will make your mouth water on impact.

If you love popcorn, you must try the Chicago Mix®. This deliciously sweet and salty mix combines butter, caramel, and cheesy popcorn into one spiritual experience.

I also love their turtles, sponge candy (seasonal), and smores.

They also have a wide selection of jelly candies, salted nuts, and other chocolate delites. Enter if you dare: You'll act like a kid again! ;o)

Alicia B.
Hopkins, MN

Started 75 years ago and still going strong, Candyland is a St. Paul institution. Enter and you start breathing sugar.

My sweets-obsessed former co-worker used to make excuses to go downtown (I have to drop off some documents at the State Capitol, I have to renew my drivers' license, I have to go read the scrolling sign in front of MPR, I have to go get brochures from the Science Museum, I have to go see where I want to protest the Republican National Convention...) so that she could stop by and pick up something from Candyland.

Some highlights:

1. GIANT turtles. Not the marine creatures, but the chocolate-carmel-nut creation. The size of a child's hand.

2. GREAT popcorn. You can get butter popcorn, cheese popcorn, or carmel corn. Or - better than anything in the place - go for the Chicago Mix®.

They have chocolate covered everything. They have different types of brittles. They have popcorn balls, jelly beans, licorice, gummy tarantulas and army guys, nuts, sour balls, and everything more.

They even have sugar free for those who want/need. There are two newer locations in downtown Minneapolis.

And the folks behind the counter are so darn tootin' nice.

Love Candyland and it will love you back even more.

Michael H.
Washington, DC

I am a fan of candy stores in general, but this is my favorite one locally.  I am not a chocolate guy, and if you are into that this review will not help you as I cannot speak to their chocolates.  I can however, tell you loads about their cinnamon bears, licorice, swedish fish, sour cherry balls and Chicago Mix® pop corn.  And what I can tell you about those items is that they are fresh.  

When you are a gummy candy guy like I am, the age of the candy matters.  Mike and Ikes that have been in the vending machine too long are hard and chewy and suck.  Same with hot tamales.  And, if Candyland did not take good care of their gummy stock, it would be the same there as well.  But they do care.  They care.  Yum.

Joe I.
St. Paul, MN

''Greetings from a Happy Visitor from California!

I was in St. Paul for my cousins wedding on April 1st.  We stayed at the St. Paul Hotel and our waitress raved about Candyland.  I was determined to visit this Candyland as I have a major Sugar tooth.  To my surprise I have found a Sugary Haven and I am proud to say I visited twice!  Once on Saturday and again Sunday morning before we flew home to Southern California.

I bought some Sponge Candy.  My new indulgence.  WHAT A TREAT!  Yummy.  I got a little dark chocolate and a little milk. I rationed it and it lasted until last night.

The toffee is unbelievable. I bought some of that too.

The caramel corn is fabulous.  I brought some home as souvenirs for my friends.  

I treated myself to the Chicago Mix® and a small box of the buttered for the plane ride home.  However my Mom and I snacked on a little of the Chicago Mix® and devoured the buttered popcorn.

The Large bag of Chicago Mix® is gone.  My boyfriend ate it the next day in one sitting and loved it.

The fruit pectin candies are delish too! The coconut brittle it to die for too!

The service both days was fabulous. Your employees are amazingly patient and friendly. Thank you so much for being in business and being open on the weekends (as that city seems to shut down on the weekends and early too!).  Your Candy Store is Sublime.  I truly enjoyed myself and look forward to ordering from you in the future.''

Jamie Getskow

''I've been driving a few extra miles for Candyland's popcorn and sweets for over 15 years. It's well worth the trip. There is none better.Candyland's popcorn is legendary. I've never tasted better.''

''The freshness of Candyland's products is second to none. Their in-house creations are awesome! Candyland's gift boxes and tins make great gifts. My friends and relatives rave about the flavor and quality.''

R.C.B., Customer from Apple Valley, MN

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