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Everybody has their own personal Candyland favorite, but here are some tummy-pleasers that appear at the top of the list year in and year out:

Image o fthe two new candyland tins in one gallon and two gallonOur Candyland tins are a clasic gift in a 1 Gallon and a 2 Gallon tin. These tins are perfect for any time of the year. The classic red and white colors with the Candyland emblem provide just the touch of warmth to any room or party

Chicago Mix®: This hits a high note on everyone's palate--the combination of traditional seasoned popcorn mixed with a sweet and sassy caramel and lively cheddar flavored popcorn is downright irresistible!

Pecan Snappers: Just one bite of our Pecan Snapper is a mouthful of tempting flavors: sweet and gooey caramel mixed with the freshest pecans, all covered with a rich chocolate. They're snapped up by the most discerning chocolate lovers!

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If you love Dark Chocolate, we now have several new items for you. You can now order Dark Chocolate Covered Peanuts, Raisins, Thin Mints and Malted Milk Balls

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Chocolate is made from plants, which means it contains many of the health benefits of dark vegetables. These benefits are from flavonoids, which act as antioxidants. Antioxidants protect the body from aging caused by free radicals, which can cause damage that leads to heart disease. Dark chocolate contains a large number of antioxidants (nearly 8 times the number found in strawberries). Flavonoids also help relax blood pressure through the production of nitric oxide, and balance certain hormones in the body. (Source)

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